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What to expect when you start having really good, satisfying sex

What to expect when you start having really good, satisfying sex

Unsure if you’re having really good, satisfying sex? Are you having orgasms or are the orgasms having you?*

After having really good, satisfying sex for a whole three years now, I’ve learned the results of really good, satisfying sex go beyond orgasms. Good sex trickles down from your loins and drips into your everyday life like you never expected. You’ll look in the mirror one day (floor length preferably) and suddenly see the best version of yourself staring back at you. Wave at her/him! This is the new you. Just be warned, if you do this exercise with your sex partner (or dog) still in the room, you will be judged.

If you’re still unsure if you are indeed having really good, satisfying sex, take a look at my list of super, well-researched signs that I have discovered are absolute direct results of having really good, satisfying sex. Are you nodding along? Do any of these seem familiar to you? Well, congratulations! You’re having really good, satisfying sex!


  1. You came a bunch

  2. Your body is constantly exhausted but you haven’t been to the gym in over a month

  3. You cancel your gym membership

  4. You call your parents just to say ‘Hi!’

  5. You almost tell your parents about the really good, satisfying sex you’re having because it’s so good you’re convinced they would be happy for you

  6. You buy a new outfit (You deserve it!)

  7. You post a picture of the New York skyline with the comment ‘#grateful’

  8. You keep bringing up how tired you are to your coworkers hoping they ask what you did last night

  9. You actually whistle while you work

  10. You’re inspired to stop (or start) smoking

  11. You say out loud more than once ‘I should cook more.’

  12. You take the time to write a super positive, detailed Yelp review about your local bodega

  13. You go to Target on a Sunday

  14. You schedule your dental cleaning before they send a reminder

  15. You take the bus

  16. You call that friend who had a baby, gosh, two years ago?

  17. You send that friend an Amazon gift card with a message about ‘staying in touch more’

  18. You return your library books

  19. When you return your library books you breathe in hard and say out loud to yourself ‘I love knowledge!’

  20. You buy a single flower

  21. You buy a new chapstick

  22. What the hell, you buy all your friends new chapsticks

  23. You bring back authentic emojis in your texts :-) :) ;)

  24. You listen to Gershwin

  25. You enjoy Gershwin

  26. You make ‘I Got Rhythm’ your ringtone

  27. You buy ‘Thank You’ notes (just in case!)

  28. You meditate more but really just use that time to think about all the good, satisfying sex you’re having

*I don’t know what that means either

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You're doing this to yourself

You're doing this to yourself

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