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Meet Carly Pifer

Meet Carly Pifer

Carly Pifer wants to create a space that inspires those looking for modern, honest, erotic adventures. She is doing that with her site Aurore. The stories written on Aurore are way better than those in your mom’s worn out romance novel. They come from people like you. Their settings are familiar, not ships or castles. It’s a sexual world many of us can relate to, not just those who have been kept as sex slaves on medieval ships (Is that an actual thing?).

I was excited to get into the mind of Carly.

Name Carly Pifer

Pronouns She/Her

Where do you live? Brooklyn

Tell me about your work I am launching a website for true erotic stories, called Aurore ( I think it’s time to update the genre for a smart, sophisticated reader. The stories on the site so far land somewhere between relationship confessional and literary erotica, they’re cathartic, empowering, feminist, queer, and most of them are done by writers who have never dipped in the genre before. It’s a refreshing alternative to porn, and generally juicy reading material.

Favorite sense and why I’m gonna have to go with smell. If someone smells good to me, it’s incredibly comforting. Also ‘butter melting in a pan smell' makes me very happy.

Sexy scene from a book/movie/tv show that sticks out to you A formative sex scene for me was the one in Fear, when Mark Wahlberg fingers Reese Witherspoon on the ferris wheel. They were such a hot couple before he turned into a psycho stalker!

Weirdest thing that turns you on Watching men do household chores really gets me going. My friend suggested we make an Instagram account called Hot Men Doing Chores, it would be like shirtless boys changing light bulbs and scrubbing dishes, taking out the trash. I think this needs to happen.

Who is your go-to ‘Let’s talk about sex!’ person and why? It feels like I am everyone’s ‘let’s talk about sex’ person! But I have definitely gone to my bottom friends for advice on occasion. Bottoms go through physical hell sometimes, respect.

Who do you wish you could talk about sex with more? Actually my mother, as unlikely as that sounds. I have to assume our sexual proclivities are at least somewhat connected to those of our family members. I am much more open and inquisitive with her now than when I was younger, grilling her on her saga with my father; they’re divorced now, and it’s been a historically intense, explosive relationship that I don’t quite understand, but I want to, it humanizes them. I’m also fascinated with speaking to older women about their romantic past, largely because at a certain age society says women are no longer sexual beings, so I like the idea of reminding them they were and they still are. There’s something so wistful about retelling past sexual encounters…something I do often for Aurore.

What is one thing that you wish became more ‘normal’ with sex? We need to destigmatize STI’s. They are so common, and mostly manageable, and it’s the fear of judgment that usually leads to them getting passed.

You can fuck as any animal for one day. What animal would you be? The graceful and savage praying mantis. I want to be every man’s last and most memorable fuck.

Where do you really, really, really want to have sex? Central Park in early spring when it’s not too hot, but it’s hot enough to be half-naked on a blanket, and somehow there are no creeps around, only other beautiful people that watch tastefully, would be really, really nice.

How do you think your sex drive will age? I am already looking forward to dating someone my son’s age, and I don’t even have a son yet.

I highly suggest heading on over and finding a story that works for you. Or hey. Maybe you’ll want to write one yourself like I did.

Carly in her element

Carly in her element

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Returning from the Southwest Love Fest

Returning from the Southwest Love Fest

Another plant, another person

Another plant, another person